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£250+ VAT (cases)

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Terms of Carriage

Attention - Those in charge of goods inwards/accounts departments. 
Shipping methods and costs : 

Rose Marketing UK Ltd uses the PalletLine network with supervision of Bowker Logistics for all deliveries. 
We offer a maximum 7-day service on confirmed orders. Orders may experience delays due to public holidays. Deliveries can be booked in where appropriate information is given. Booked in orders that are turned away or tipped late and associated charges payable by Rose will be automatically invoiced to customer

UK Mainland Delivery 
Free delivery on all UK mainland orders over £500 excluding VAT. For orders between £250-£500 (ex. VAT) a delivery charge of £26.50 (ex. VAT) will be applied. Our minimum online order quantity is set at £250 (ex. VAT)
If at time of delivery the pallet company is unable to deliver the pallet due to no one being available to accept delivery, the cost of the delivery will be charged in full and repeat delivery charges applied.  Costs vary for ex-UK mainland and are available on request & will be confirmed at time of booking. 


Rose Marketing UK Ltd utilises the Palletline Network for all deliveries under the supervision of W.H. Bowker Group. Please take note of the following points to be observed in the event of any dispute regarding product damage/shortages/overages.

  • Carriage is contingent upon compliance with the Road Haulage Association (RHA) 2024 Conditions of Carriage.
  • The customer undertakes to settle all invoices due within the agreed credit terms with Rose Marketing UK Ltd; any discrepancies in stock quantities as compared to the delivery documentation must be promptly communicated to Rose Marketing UK Limited within 48 hours, failing which invoices are to be settled in accordance with the agreed credit terms.
  • In instances where a thorough inspection of goods upon receipt is unfeasible, the customer is advised to annotate the paperwork only in cases where goods appear damaged or where there are evident signs of tampering with the pallet wrap. Should noticeable damage be observed on the pallet, The customer needs to refuse the whole pallet if there's any damage; the driver won't take separate items, and any extra costs will be charged to the customer. (Unsolicited goods refer to individual cases separated from the pallet.)
  • The decision to await the inspection of goods upon arrival rests within the discretion of the driver.
  • A dispatch note from Rose Marketing UK Ltd will accompany each pallet, serving as the reference for verifying delivered quantities, superseding the customer's purchase order.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the proper signing of a clear Proof of Delivery (POD); signatures that are unchecked or illegible may be deemed unacceptable.
  • Instances of shortages must be duly noted on the POD if apparent and reported to Rose Marketing UK Ltd, who will conduct a comprehensive stock take to ascertain variances.
  • Rose Marketing UK Limited will investigate any reported discrepancies in conjunction with our warehouse team; however, if our inventory is found to be accurate, no credit or claims will be authorised, and full payment of the invoice will be expected.
  • The driver is vested with the authority to assess the safety of the delivery point and may decline entry to any location deemed hazardous.
  • The customer is obliged to always ensure the availability of suitable welfare facilities for the driver.
  • Instances of over-deliveries should be documented on the POD if noticeable and promptly reported to Rose Marketing UK Ltd; should a subsequent stock take reveal excess goods delivered to the customer, Rose Marketing UK Ltd reserves the right to invoice accordingly.
  • The haulier may request additional signatures on their handheld PDA/tablet, in addition to the signing of the Rose Despatch note. Failure to sign the haulier's POD will result in the non-authorisation of credit or claims by Rose Marketing UK Ltd.

Failure to notify Rose Marketing UK Ltd of any issues within 48 hours will preclude the authorisation of credit or claims against the company.

Rose Office Contact Details

Tel no: 0845 0946492